36KV Oil-immersed Transformer
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36KV Oil-immersed Transformer

DAYA electrical is a large-scale 36KV Oil-immersed Transformer manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. the majority of power users and design units, which meets national conditions, has high technical performance indicators, and can adapt to electricity market development.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

DAYA 36KV Oil-immersed Transformer Details

The oil immersed transformer is sealed. They are typically constructed using an enclosed tank and fins that permit expansion to allow for transformer temperature variations. The tank’s tightness can be as high as 0.5 Bar. This kind of transformer is extensively used around the globe.

33 Kv Oil-type Outdoor Potential TransformersAsk For PriceWe are involved in production and supply of a comprehensive range of 3.3 KV Transformers. Outdoor transformers are used to convert high voltage current into low voltage for domestic and commercial applications.

DAYA 36KV Oil-immersed Transformer Characteristics

Rockwill 36kV oil type power transformer with capacity from 50kVA - 3.15MVA. The oil immersed power transformer has high efficiency, low loss and maintenance free. The iron core is made of cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet. High quality enameled or paper covered copper is used as conductor, the winding was made as drum type, spiral type, improved spiral type, continuous type and interleaved type to ensure the insulation strength. The tank, cover and the conservator are made by corrugated steel plate with high quality grade mineral oil in it. 

Rated Voltage: 35kV/36kV/38.5kV

Power Capacity: 50kVA - 3.15MVA

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Standard:  IEC60076-1, IEC60076-2, IEC60076-5, IEC60317, ANSI, IEEE, AS, etc.

Altitude: <2000m

Environment: Outdoor

DAYA 36KV Oil-immersed Transformer Conditions for normal operating environment:

1. Ambient air temperature: -5~+40 and the average temperature should not exceed +35 in 24h.

2. Install and use indoors. Altitude above sea level for operation site should not exceed 2000M.

3. Relative humidity should not exceed 50% at max temperature +40. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. Ex. 90% at +20. But in view of the temperature change, it is possible that moderate dews will produce casually.

4. Installation gradient not exceed 5.

5. Install in the places without fierce vibration and shock and the sites insufficient to erode the electrical components.

6. Any specific requirement, consult with manufactory.


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