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Indoor Breaker Ring Main Unit

DAYA electrical is a large-scale Indoor Breaker Ring Main Unit manufacturer and supplier in China. Manufacturers have paid more and more attention to solid insulation Ring Main Unit (RMU). The usage of RMU is needed more and also the requirement to its performance is higher. In this paper, a 12kV solid insulation RMU has been taken as a research object. Realistic 3-D simulation models were built in Solidworks software. Be it energy supply corporations, industry or power stations, any owner or user of primary distribution systems for medium voltage places high demands on the switchgear. These include reliable technology, ease of operation, and economy. With our complete range of circuit breaker and switchgear systems for medium-voltage, Siemens sets the standards when it comes to reliable and efficient solutions

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Product Description

DAYA Indoor Breaker Ring Main Unit Details

DAYA Indoor Breaker Ring Main Unit Parameters

A simplified model of a solid insulation RMS was setup with or without shielding and Grounded coating of outer surface of the solid insulation RMU. The electric field distribution has been calculated using Ansoft Maxwell 3D. The influence of the grounded coating on the overall insulation performance was studied by analyzing the internal electric field of the vacuum circuit breaker, the busbar chamber and the circuit breaker chamber. When the surface of the solid insulating material is grounded, the electric field intensity in the air gap between the embedded pole of circuit breaker and the metal material is too large. The comparison results are available for reference to optimization design of insulating structure for a 12kV solid insulation RMU.

●Welded stainless steel enclosure

●Modular design

●Duct for pressure relief

●Panels coupled by plug in bus connectors

●Cable connection inner cone plug in system

DAYA  Indoor Breaker Ring Main Unit Advantages

A ring main unit is no doubt a ground-breaking solution.

That makes it a lot simpler to handle the various challenges of electrical distribution.

You see,

RMU is considered an all-in-one solution.

It’s also safe, simple to install and maintenance free switchgear.

It helps the utilities enhance uptime and reliability of the network.

It also lessens operational expenses.

Smart Capabilities

If fitted along with Intelligent Electronic Devices, a ring main unit is simple to integrate.

Safety & Performance

In case you didn’t know yet, the latest technology and compact design of the ring main unit guarantee total efficiency, reliability, connectivity, and safety.

Cost & Time Savings

A ring main unit is a switchgear and is simple to install.

If you use this, you can expect to save in commission and installation time.

What’s more;

A ring main unit is also independent of climate.

They are resistant to any environmental conditions.

The maintenance and operation expenses of such units are low as well.

Feature-Rich Compact Designs

Ultimately, RMU is an SF6 insulated compact switchgear.

It is geared with a vacuum circuit breaker and an SF6 switch disconnector.

Its compact design needs the least possible space to set up and operate.

In the modern power distribution system, RMU is widely utilized across the globe.

They are used to meet the growing necessity of reliable energy.

It is one solution along with comprehensive capabilities.

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