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DAYA electrical is a large-scale Open AC switchgear manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.Be it energy supply corporations, industry or power stations, any owner or user of primary distribution systems for medium voltage places high demands on the switchgear. These include reliable technology, ease of operation, and economy. With our complete range of circuit breaker and switchgear systems for medium-voltage, Siemens sets the standards when it comes to reliable and efficient solutions

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Switchgear power systems can be manufactured for AC power and DC power. The type of system in use and its application will determine which of the two switchgear power systems will be used. switchgear power systems provide protection, isolation, and control for electrical systems. Switchgear power systems need to be UL compliant for safety purposes.

switchgear power systems are used within an electricity power grid and refers to the combination of electrical disconnects, circuit breakers and fuses utilized to isolate various pieces of electrical equipment. switchgear power systems are used to de-energize equipment so work can be conducted and faults can be cleared downstream. switchgear power systems help to ensure the reliability of a system’s electricity power supply.

One of the most basic functions of switchgear power systems is protecting systems from short circuits and overload fault currents while still providing electrical current. switchgear power systems also provide isolation is circuits from power supplies.

DAYA  Open AC switchgear Advantages

CustomAC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear can be customized to fit your specific application requirements while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.

Highly Customizable

Gear is configured to meet any system or application need

Low Maintenance

Switches and fuses never need adjusting, programming, or dielectric testing

Resilient Design

Utility-grade design withstands time and the elements

Hassle-Free Installation

Preassembled and simpler construction requirements

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower up-front and maintenance costs than metal-clad switchgear

Improved Reliability

Fuses offer faster fuse-clearing time and reduce system stress compared to circuit breakers

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