H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH)
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H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH)

DAYA electrical is a large-scale H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH) manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.The H05Z-U and H07Z-U cables are Class 1 solid copper variants of the 2491B H05Z-K/H07Z-K cable (Class 5 flexible stranded) and the 6491B H07Z-R cable (Class 2 stranded).

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Product Description

H05Z-U / H07Z-U Cable Specification

These cables are designed for panel wiring and suitable for fixed installation in dry, clean environments where used in conduit and trunking. Whilst the solid copper conductors reduce the flexibility of this cable, the conductor cross-sectional sizes are small enough for there to remain a reasonable degree of leeway in routing these cables into position.

As single core cables with Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulation, they are suitable for installations where consideration is given in the event of fire to both sensitive equipment and the safe evacuation of people.

Both the H05Z-U and H07Z-U cables hold CPR compliance.

H05Z-U / H07Z-U Cable Sizes and Voltage Ratings

H05Z-U has a voltage rating of 300/500V and applies to conductor cross-sectional sizes of 1mm2 and under. The H07Z-U, available from sizes 1.5mm2 to 10mm2, is rated 450/750V. As with the H07Z-R Class 2 and H07Z-K Class 5 cable variants, this single insulated Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable is available in a range of colours.

In addition to these LSZH cables, they are also PVC equivalents - H07V-K 6491X and H05V-R/H07V-R 2491X - and with EVA Rubber insulation H05G-U/H05G-K.

Should you need help navigating specification or have any technical questions surround the cables in your electrical installation, please feel free to contact our Technical Hotline for support.

DAYA H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH) Details

DAYA H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH) Working conditions


Description of CU/LSZH H07Z-U H07Z-R LSZH Building Wire

Conductor: plain annealed copper Class 1 or Class 2

Insulation: LSZH

Rated voltage: 450V/750V

Operating temperature: -15℃~+90℃

Min bending radius: more than 6 times of overall diameter

Application Of CU/LSZH H07Z-U H07Z-R LSZH Building Wire

H07Z-R UThese cables are used for the internal wiring of switchboards and distributor boards with voltage 1000v. They normally installed in conduit and trunking or can be surface nounted if used as earth cable. They are good options for using in public buildings to reduce the threat to life and equipment cased by smoke and toxic fumes. They can't be installed incontrete without mechanic protection.


--100m/Coil with Shrinking Film Wrap, 6 Coils per outer carton.

--100m/Spool, spool can be Paper, Plastic, or ABS, then 3-4 spools per carton,

--200m or 250m per Drum, two drums per carton,

--305m/Wooden Drum, one drum per outer carton or pallet loading,

--500m/Wooden Drum, one drum per outer carton or pallet loading,

--1000m or 3000m wooden drum, then pallet loading.

*We can also offer customized OEM packing according to clients' request.


Port: Tianjin, or other ports as per your requirements.

Sea freight: FOB/C&F/CIF quotation are all available.

*For some countries such as Africa countries, middle east countries, our sea freight quotation is much cheaper than clients get from local shipping agency.

DAYA H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH) Parameter (Specification)




Thickness mm


Thickness mm

Overall Diamerter 


Cable Weight 


Electrical Resistance 

DC.20'C Ω /KM

























DAYA H07Z-U(Solid CU LSZH) Service


We provide technical support and complete power distribution solutions tailored to your needs. If the design drawings you provide are deemed unfeasible, we will optimize the plan and adjust it with the dimensions of the cabinet, the location of the equipment, and so on. We will also optimize the configuration of the products to make them meet your requirements.


If any problem occurs, we will first provide support by phone or email. We will perform a remote debug if necessary. Furthermore, our products come with a troubleshooting manual for reference when trying to find the fault and solve issues by yourself. Most problems can be solved by the above-mentioned methods. We will check in every year or so to acquire detailed information about your equipment to get a better understanding of the inner workings.

Our customer service promise

1. We will quickly solve the problem after receiving the issue report or repair request.

2. We then explain the cause of failure in detail and any fees will be charged according to market pricing.

3. If we take any parts back for inspecting, we will apply fragile notice stickers on them or write their serial number down to maintain the safety of the parts.

4. If your complaint is deemed valid, we will refund repair fees to you on-site.


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer or trader?

A:We are all, Main business of the company low-voltage switchgear, power distribution cabinet, explosion-proof cabinet design, production and system programming.

2.Q: Whether to support OEM/ODM?Can you design the equipment according to our size?

A: Of course, we can customize any product according to customer requirements, and we can provide design solutions and solutions.

3.Q: Why should I buy from you instead of someone else?

A: First of all, we can provide all customers with very professional support consisting of IT consultants and service teams.Secondly, our main engineers have more than 20 years of experience in power distribution equipment development.

4.Q:What about the delivery time?

A:Generally, our delivery time is around 7-15 days about. While, it depends on the requirement of customers and the

quantity of products.

5.Q:What about the shipment?

A:We can arrange shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS,etc.of course, customers can also use their own freight forwarders.

6.Q:How about the terms of payment?

A:Supported T/T、Paypal、Apple Pay、Google Pay、Western Union,etc. Of course we can discuss on this.

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