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Auto Recloser 24kv

DAYA electrical is a large-scale Auto Recloser 24kv manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. the majority of power users and design units, which meets national conditions, has high technical performance indicators, and can adapt to electricity market development.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

DAYA Auto Recloser 24kv  Details

Reclosers are predominantly located on the distribution feeder, though as the continuous and interrupting current ratings increase, they are seen in substations, where traditionally a circuit breaker would be located. Reclosers have two basic functions on the distribution system: reliability and overcurrent protection. 


ABB reclosers have over 15 years of proven field performance incorporating innovative technology and unique ABB expertise, including embedded sensors with the highest accuracy and least environmental sensitivity in the market. And with multiple controller options, ABB reclosers are designed to continually meet and exceed the growing demands of power distribution. 

DAYA Auto Recloser 24kv Parameter (Specification)

Model NO.


Breaking Capacity

High Voltage Circuit Breakers


Manual Type


Normal Type Circuit Breaker

Arc-extinguishing Medium






Poles Number



Circuit Breaker


Conventional Circuit Breaker


ISO9001-2000, IEC

Transport Package

Wooden Carton


ZW43R-24 AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker





HS Code


Production Capacity


Product Description


ZW43R-24 Series Auto Recloser is rated voltage 24kV, three phase AC 50Hz outdoor distribution equipment. Mainly used for breaking, closing power system load current, overload current and short-circuit current. Applicable to substations and power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises for protection and control purposes, and frequent operation place for rural power grids.


The circuit breaker has the features of small size, light weight, anti-condensation, maintenance and so on. Adapt to bad weather conditions and dirty environments. 

The vacuum interrupter of the circuit breaker adopts solid sealing technology, and the external insulation adopts silicone rubber sleeve; it has long life and high reliability; the operating mechanism can adopt a miniaturized, high-reliability spring mechanism, or an advanced permanent magnet mechanism. It can also be equipped with isolating switches and intelligent controllers, and can also be used as a sectioner or recloser to realize four remote control functions and power distribution automation.

2. Service environment conditions

a) Ambient Air Temperature:  +45ºC ~ -45ºC

b) Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .

c) Altitude above sea level (Maximum installation altitude): not more than 2500 meters.

d) Ambient air should be not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.

e) The wind speed is not greater than 35m/s.

f ) Anti-contamination level for grade IV

g) The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.


With optional classes for rated current range:

For 15kV, with Breaking capacity 630A 20kA,800A 20kA and 1250A 20kA.

For 27kV, with Breaking capacity 630A 20kA,800A 16kA and 1250A 25kA.

For 38kV, with Breaking capacity 800A 12.5kA and 1250A 20kA.

With optional classes for installation styles:

Single phase, vacuum recloser.

Three phase, vacuum recloser.

DAYA Auto Recloser 24kv Processing characteristics

1. Cabinet part: all right-angled parts that operators may come into contact with are all reversed at R angles to prevent scratching and hurting people; the improved busbar frame is more convenient to install busbars and has a more beautiful appearance; the ventilation grid installed on the top cover has anti- Drip function; the top cover is an open structure, which is convenient for users to place horizontal busbars on site;

2. Drawer part: the drawer adopts double-folding positioning groove rivet riveting process, and all parts are molded at one time, so that the drawer is 100% interchangeable. At the same time, the double-folding and rivet technology solves the defects of sheet burr and self-tapping screw tip injury;

3. Connectors: The first-time plug-in for the incoming and outgoing lines of the drawer can be directly used in conjunction with the function board and the metal channel, and the secondary connector is convenient to connect and the wiring is beautiful;

4. Vertical channel: half functional board or iron rectangular channel can be selected, and can be easily interchanged.

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