Installation and wiring of indoor vacuum circuit breaker


The high voltage indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is named for its high vacuum extinguishing medium and the insulating medium of the contact gap after arc extinguishing. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, repeated operation and no need to overhaul, and it is widely used in the distribution network.

High voltage indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker wiring diagram

High voltage indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker connection method

First, plate front wiring

The wiring method in front of the board is the default wiring method of the circuit breaker. If the wiring method in front of the board is selected, no special explanation is required. The user can connect the power line and load line directly on the connecting plate of the circuit breaker base before the circuit breaker equipment is installed in the complete set of equipment. The connection is fastened by screws.

Two, the board after wiring

Backboard connection refers to the connection board on the base of the circuit breaker connecting the power line and load line through the bolt on the equipment board when the circuit breaker equipment is in the complete set of equipment. Its most important feature is the ability to replace or repair the circuit breaker without rewiring, only to disconnect the front power supply. Because of the special structure, the product has been equipped with special equipment board and equipment screws and wiring screws according to the planning requirements. Special attention is required, because the reliability of large-capacity circuit breaker touch will directly affect the normal use of circuit breaker, so it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment, according to the manufacturer's requirements.

Three, access type wiring

Access connection refers to the equipment board of the complete set of equipment, one of the leading equipment with six sockets, and the six sockets on the connecting board of the circuit breaker. A connecting plate is arranged on the surface of the equipment seat or a bolt is arranged behind the equipment seat. The equipment seat is pre-connected to the power supply and load line. When in use, the user can directly connect the circuit breaker to the equipment base for use. If the circuit breaker is damaged, remove it and replace it. The replacement time is shorter and more convenient than the front and back wiring. But because of the plug and pull of the access type circuit breaker needs certain manpower, so now the world's access products, the maximum current of the shell frame is 400 A.

Four, drawer type wiring

Drawer wiring is generally used for universal circuit breaker equipment, circuit breaker in and out of the drawer by rocker in or out of time roll over, in the main circuit and secondary circuit are selected access structure, avoid all the necessary isolators of fixed equipment, can achieve one machine two use, improve the use of economy, increase security and reliability at the same time, It also brings great convenience to operation and protection. Universal circuit breaker can choose the board before (vertical), board after (horizontal) wiring these two fixed wiring methods, can also choose the drawer type wiring method.
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