Low voltage switchgear operation process


High and low voltage distribution cabinet is the power supply system for power distribution, control, measurement and cable connection equipment, the following is to introduce the operating procedures of high and low voltage distribution cabinet.
1. When working on all and part live disks, the maintenance equipment should be separated from the operating equipment by clear signs.
2. The secondary windings of current transformers and voltage transformers should be permanently and reliably grounded.
3. When working on the secondary circuit of the current transformer in operation, the following safety measures should be taken:
3.1 Do not disconnect the current loop.
3.2 In order to reliably short circuit the secondary coil of the CT, short circuit sheet and short route must be used. Wire winding is prohibited.
3.2 Do not perform any work on the loop and wire between the CT and the short circuit terminal.
4. When the voltage transformer is working in the secondary circuit, the following safety measures should be taken:
4.1 Strictly prevent short circuit or grounding
4.2 Insulation tools should be used, insulation gloves should be worn, and relevant relay protection devices should be disabled before work if necessary.
4.3 Special switches and fuses must be installed when temporary load is connected.
4.4 During the power-on test of the secondary circuit, in order to prevent the primary reverse voltage transformer from the secondary side, the secondary circuit should be disconnected and the next fuse should be taken.
4.5 Before the secondary circuit is energized or withstand voltage test, the duty officer and relevant personnel should be notified, and personnel should be assigned to guard the site, check the circuit, and pressure can be applied after confirming that no one is working.
4.6 The staff inspecting the power failure protection and secondary circuit shall not perform any switching operation without the permission of the staff on duty.
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